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Haunt Season Sept 15-Oct 31 will be VERY spotty. Might have email delays.
October - NOT available fri-sun 4:30pm+ & Oct 5/12/17/18 & 31st obviously.
Capcon Chicago March 27-31st, 2019

Long Beach hotel.
Aug 1-2, 2019

It's ABDL Mommy Missy from Las Vegas. I know there's a lot of people that travel here for a multitude of reasons & what better way to top it off than an adult babysitting session with ME! As the owner & webmaster of Adult Baby Girl & I Need a Mommy I fully understand ABDL needs. Why pay up to 3x more for a "dominatrix" or escort that thinks "diapers are weird?"

I'm the asian girl that's appeared in a few of the ineedamommy videos throughout the years since I made the site in 2008.  I prefer to keep things low key & not be on camera but I'm very good at one on one interactions with littles. I mean, I instruct & direct all the scenes with all the on-screen mommies! Sessions are non rushed, tailored, all inclusive & I am a real diaper fetishist.

BOOK NOW! INCALL or OUTCALL to your hotel room or home. I have supplies, including: diapers (S,M & L) Books, toys, bottles & plastic pants, soothers, bibs, onsies, sissy dresses, rhumba panties, make up, magic wand

Rates are $100/hr. 90 MINUTE MINIMUM. Discount for military

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